Fair Capital Partners Inc. (“FairCap”​)

FairCap is a leading alternative investment firm and bespoke solutions provider, focused on private debt, direct lending and co-investments in the lower to middle market in North America.

FairCap was founded by a diverse team of investment professionals who have spun-off from a large global corporate and investment bank, and small boutique debt advisory firm. The team has a long track record of successfully creating value in the middle market by adhering to a core set of investment principles. Having worked in a high-cost, highly regulated and scrutinized banking environment, our team has deep sector expertise and an appreciation for risk rating precision.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower the North American lower middle market with fair, intelligent capital solutions.

Core Values

Our values are built on six pillars:

1. Integrity – We maintain the highest professional standards, and act with honesty and fairness for the best interest of the clients. We embrace extreme accountability over outcomes, grounded in clarity and transparency.

2. Trust – We build long-term relationships with all stakeholders. Our reputation is paramount, and we continually strive to deliver exceptional stewardship.

3. Value Focused – We work passionately to deliver value to our stakeholders and have a strong client-centric focus. Above all, we always do what is best for the clients.

4. Pervasive Excellence – We provide superior products and services, innovative solutions backed by research and thought leadership. We set high standards and lead by example – independent thinking is key to success.

5. Team First Mentality – One team mentality (win as a team, lose as a team). We pride ourselves in our one-firm approach but are self-aware and mindful of our individual and team strengths and weaknesses.

6. Transparent, Open Culture – We are deeply committed to a transparent, diverse, inclusive and caring culture. We believe good ideas can come from anywhere (idea meritocracy).